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Welcome to the Copper Kettle Farm Site
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October, 2016
Thank You for all your support!

On October 20th we will close our market season as well as our on-line web store for fresh garlic. We can't say enough to thank all of you for your support. Back on Aug.20th we launched our market season for fresh garlic and all the garlic you see in the picture above found it's way to homes everywhere. We grow hundreds of pounds of garlic each season, and it often goes to homes an ounce at a time, so that's a boatload of garlic making it's way into recipes everywhere. We feel pretty good about that. We will now focus on getting our 2017 garlic crop planted and getting some high quality gourmet garlic powder ready for the holidays and the long cold winter ahead.
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Greg & Cathy
Copper Kettle Farm


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