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On August 21st 2021 we opened up our garlic season with an amazing turn out of people. The interest in local grown garlic has exploded, not just for our small farm but for many garlic growers in the region.
Although we did not have as much stock to make available as we would have liked on our online store, the response was also robust.
We sold out of all our garlic varieties in about three hours at our sale event. Our online store stock sold out overnight.  Although we are a small farm we grow a heck of a lot of garlic . We feel pretty good about a lot of garlic going to a lot of homes.
We feel like just saying Thank You is inadequate, but it is the best we can do right now.
We hope the garlic you have acquired, that will be added to so many recipe's and dishes, especially with the cooler weather coming up, will bring a  big smile and a big Yum to you and your families. Then we will truly feel like we completed our mission.
P.S. We will be making more pure garlic powder this Autumn.

Greg & Cathy