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This year we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary. Somehow we have made it 10 years or a decade. In some respects we have beat the odds as a small farm entity. Having said that, we still hold the enthusiasm and passion to growing a high quality garlic. We really owe so much however, to all of you that have supported our farm, so Thank You! We will continue to work hard and learn as a new season emerges for us.

It is officially the 2022 garlic growing season here in Wisconsin. Our garlic is up and looking healthy. Nature is throwing everything it can at the garlic crop in the form of weather. Cool, freezing temperatures and occasionally an April snow shower. Garlic has survived hundreds of years, so this is certainly not out of the ordinary. In about mid-July we will be harvesting our garlic crop and on August 27th we expect to have it available for market. There is a long growing season ahead of us, with feeding, weeding and tending to a crop that will reward us with the best any herb/vegetable can in recipes. After all garlic changes everything. Stay tuned it only gets better.